24 CHANNEL HDMI Video To IP Professional HD Streaming Encoder 1080p H264 Any Dolby Pass-through & Dual Power supply<br>VeCODER-ULTRA-24-HDMI
vecoder ultra 24-hdmi ip | hi-density 24 channel Any hdmi to ip streaming professional hd video encoder - modular expandable with dual power supply - pvi provideoinstruments

24 CHANNEL HDMI Video To IP Professional HD Streaming Encoder 1080p H264 Any Dolby Pass-through & Dual Power supply

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•Distribute 24 Channel of Any HDMI Video over any existing IP Network in Full-Broadcast HD quality up to 1080P
-Dolby Digital Pass-through

•Works with Any HDMI Video Source encoding to Broadcast-Grade MPEG-4 H.264 Standard Streaming Format
-Mpeg1L2/AAC/Dolby Pass Audio

•Receive directly on an unlimited number of H264 IP Televisions, IP Decoders, Software Media Players
-Pro Multicast Over Ip Broadcasting IGMP

•Hi-Density Modular HDMI Pro Encoder -Less Rack Space & costs -Multiple Units for More Channels
-Easy setup & control also from web interface

•Dual Power Supply for Maximum Reliability, Dependable, Affordable, Free Unlimited Tech Support
- 5 Year warranty - The Best Quality & Price!

Distribute 24 CHANNEL of any HDMI Video, up to 1080p Full HD & Dolby Audio pass-through, to an unlimited number of simultaneous IP television, Media Players, Software Players over the existing IP Network, with perfect FULL HD digital quality up to 1080p, at any distance. Installation is simple and plug 'n play anywhere, over any network, together with other services as voice and data, without reducing network speed performances. Thanks to the built-in Broadcast Multicast technology, the encoded channels can be watched simultaneously on thousands of players taking the network bandwidth only once per each channel. The VeCODER ULTRA utilizes the latest evolution of the Mpeg4 H264 Compression technology, for the absolute best picture quality & lowest bitrates on the market, also compatible to the latest IP Television sets which can play the VeCODER streams directly. The PVI VeCODER ULTRA HD Encoders are compatible to any HD Video Source, limitless
Made in USA, comes with Free Unlimited Tech Support and 5 Year of Warranty. 

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