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The VuMATRIX 4X4-4K@60-POE is a ready-to-go 4X4 Matrix Switcher with Smart Phone and Tablet control, easy to install anywhere, over the existing 1-gigabit routers and switches, for everyone, with ZERO CONFIGURATION plug 'n play features so the installation is very simple without requiring manual settings. Simply plug your VuMATRIX modules to your existing network, anywhere, together with any other IP Traffic such as Voice, Data, Internet, then set each transmitter to a different ID number via the transmitter display, and point the receivers to the wanted transmitter id to start watching. Channel Switch can be controlled directly on each VuMATRIX receiver via the included IR Infra Red remote control included with each receiver, or via the receiver front panel display and buttons. Control is also dove via the Iphone Ipad Galaxy Smart Phones and Tablets by installing our Free Control App. Automation Control is also possible via the included IP API or by learning the IR Commands on any automation The VuMATRIX 4K60-POE support any TV Resolution up to 4Kx2k @60 Frames Full UHD 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 up to 500Ft distances per each module, over regular CATx cables. Every VuMATRIX transmitter and receiver comes with an IR Infrared Eye to extend any IR Remote control command from the TV Vieweing point back to the video source at the transmitter point, to control any play/stop/change channel over the connected source in real time. The VUMATRIX 4K60-POE can be operated in POE Power Over Ethernet ( 5w per device ) if your network supports POE, or via the included power supplies.

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