Broadcast Digital Television RF Modulator Card<br>XP-RFMOD-ULTRA-BT
8-16-32-adjacent-non-adiacent-digital-tv-rf-modulator-Expansion Card for VeCOAX ULTRA BT Broadcast processing platform

Broadcast Digital Television RF Modulator Card

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•Expansion interface to add 8/16/32 RF Frequency carriers outputs to distribute TV Channels Over TV Coax

•2x 512 IP Multicast/Unicast inputs over FO or Gigabit RJ45 port with broadcast grade dejittering

•Input From Internal Bus From any other installed processor card & Chassis Central Multiplexer

•8/16/32 Multiplexers ( one per rf carrier ) + 4 CAS Conditional Access support + PSI/PSIP generation / restamping

•8/16/32 IP MPTS Streaming output, clone of the rf carriers stream, for relay over ip

Add Broadcast RF out  to VeCOAX ULTRA BT - Broadcast Processor Chassis

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