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The VeCOAX PRO-BT-RF is a Broadcast 4 Channels SD/HD digital video Encoder and digital RF OUT Exciter, ready to broadcast On-Air through any regular digital RF transmitter amplifier and antenna. The unit is available for ATSC, ISDBT, DVBT broadcasting, as well for CATV QAM/DVBC Headend distribution. Based on the ultimate Mpeg and dolby compression technologies, the VeCOAX PRO-RF-BT encode and distribute outstanding video quality and lowest bitrates today possible to fit more SD & HD TV Services in the same channel. The Pro-BT-RF comes with simultaneous RF Out, ASI mux out and IP Streaming out, to feed any existing transmitter and ASI or IP device. The unit supports up to four simultaneous video inputs, from any HDMI, Component, Composite source, Closed Captioning, as well embedded or separated audio as Digital, optical, analog. The built-In remultiplexer allows complete control on the service descriptors, names, channel numbers, pids, as well input from an external ASI source to remultiplext together any external descriptor or additional services. Each channel can be customized to the wanted and independent settings, supporting Mpeg-2 and MPEG4 H264 AVC, Dolby AC3 encoding or pass-through, Dialog Normalization, levels, gop mode, etc. Installation is very simple, in minutes, and can be done from the front panel display or the easy to use web interface via secure login, also from remote. A version with only ASI & IP output is also available called VeCOAX pro-BT. The VeCOAX pro-BT-RF is the ideal solution for any Professional Digital Television station to upgrade or add new SD/HD digital television services with maximum quality and affordable cost.
The VeCOAX MICROMOD-3-SDI is a single channel 3G HD SDI plus HDMI plus AV selectable input to coax digital TV channels hdtv rf modulator to convert any Full HD Video signal from any HDMI / SDI / AV video source into a Full HD HDTV digital television channel you can inject over the existing tv coaxial distribution box and distribute to all television sets in every room at any distance, with real time perfect quality. The VeCOAX MICROMOD-3-SDI comes with the most ultimate sets of features today on the market so you can connect any type of SD/HD/3G SDI with embedded audio, or audio from the L/R analog input, as well any HDMI Video Source, or CVBS Composite ones, and closed captioning, and set the output to your TVs deciding your channel name and number to list, any air or cable mode, all in few clicks from the easy to use front panel color display and keyboard or remote control from your PC. Installation is very simple, in minutes, by setting the channel, the name, with no limits, as you need. Multiple units can also be installed together to expand the number of distributed HDMI channels, by setting a different channel number on each VeCOAX MICROMOD-3-SDI, so our software will automatically set all the parameters for you. Built with the latest Digital Television Technologies for totally noise-less - quiet and non-stop 24/7 operation, the VeCOAX MICROMOD-3-SDI maintenance is covered by 5 Year Warranty. With the VeCOAX MICROMOD-3-SDI you have the benefits of a perfect, reliable, and simple to install SDI / HDMI / AV universal and selectable video distribution solution to an unlimited number of Television sets, without requiring new cables, special wiring, nor multiple parts behind each TV, because the VeCOAX MICROMOD-3-SDI can drive your TVs directly and in real time without any additional part to install. Automation Systems can also be implemented by changing the channel on the wanted TV, as well the source control, and the VeCOAX will deliver your signals as you need. Our units are HDMI licensed and compatible to any HDMI video source. The VeCOAX MICROMOD-3-SDI is the ideal and cost effective solution to distribute any SDI / HDMI / AV video signal up to 1080p 60 over COAX to all your TVs, delivering perfect video & sound quality for the best price on the market.

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