HDMI OVER COAX HD 1080p Video Distribution Matrix System - COAX TRANSMITTER<br>VuMATRIX-HD-TX-COAX
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HDMI OVER COAX HD 1080p Video Distribution Matrix System - COAX TRANSMITTER

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VuMATRIX HD TX COAX HDMI Over Coax Transmitter

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•HD HDMI Over Coax Transmitter Unit To Send Any HDMI Video Over the existing TV Coax Cables Network together with any other TV channel

•Add one VuMATRIX Transmitter per each source & one VuMATRIX Receiver per each TV over the network - Unlimited! - Expand at any Time

•Easy Select Source on Receivers via the included IR Remote Control
-Can Learn IR Commands on any Programmable Universal Remote Controllers

•No need for dedicated Coax Cables, runs on the same TV Coax Cables & Coax Splitters TOGETHER with any other TV Channels

•Plug 'n Play, Maximum Reliability, Dependable, Affordable, Free Unlimited Tech Support
- 5 Year warranty - The Best Quality & Price!

VuMATRIX HD TX COAX is part of the VuMATRIX HDMI Over COAX High Definition Video Distribution & Matrix system, next generation solution for any HD Video distribution application anywhere, where total reliability, absolute audio & video quality and easy plug n play installation are wanted.  Cost-Effective, the VuMATRIX installs anywhere in minutes, simply connecting to the existing TV COAX Network together with any other TV Channel, distributing any HDMI HDCP over coax to All TV, monitors, projectors, equipped with one VuMATRIX HD RX COAX Receiver with the ability to switch between up to 99 VuMATRIX Coax Transmitters by simply using the IR Remote Control included with any VuMATRIX COAX Receiver.

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