RF+IP Modular Modulators

VeCOAX distribute your HD Video sources to Unlimited TVs

Our Modulators are HDMI licensed & compatible with any old or new video sources for the very best HDMI Full Digital Quality

Any ATSC / QAM / DVBT / ISDBT / DMBT / DVBC world-wide TV modes can be ordered as needed.  Computer remote control is also possible via the PC control port available on all our models.

Simple Plug 'n Play installation Anywhere!

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The VeCOAX PRO-X is a 4 channels full hd video to rf coax digital TV channels modulator to convert four simultaneous Full HD Video signals fro any HDMI or Component RGB or Composite video source into Full HD HDTV television channels you can inject and distribute to all television sets in every room or location over the existing tv cables as well over ip networks to computers, mobile devices, iptv player box and software. The VeCOAX PRO-X comes with the most complete set of features today on the market so you can connect any possible video source, any possible audio either analog or digital or optical, and output to any TV frequency channel as well any multicast IP address to reach thousands of concurrent video players as VLC Videolan, and any other. Installation is simple, in minutes, through the front panel display and keyboard or the easy to use web interface where you can decide any detail as well the channels names and numbers you want to be used on the channel lineup of your tvs. audio and video can be feed separately or embedded together on the same cable, depending from your video source and needs. Legacy Old Component analog video sources can also be connected, then encoded to digital. The HDMI Input ports are universal type and compatible with any HDMI video source. Multiple units can be connected together on the same IP and Coax networks to expand the number of channels at any time. The VeCOAX PRO-X is the ideal and cost effective solution to distribute any Full HD video signal up to 1080p 60 to both COAX & IP Networks, delivering best in class video & sound quality for a very affordable price.

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