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VeCOAX is the one-stop Solution  if you are really looking for the most outstanding HD Video Quality on the market

  HDMI Officially Licensed - Connects your HDMI video sources
  Best HD Video Quality on the market - HDMI Digital HD picture quality
  Closed Caption - Pass-Through directly from the HDMI
  TRIPLE PASS Encoding - 3 Times better than standard video encoders
  MORE POWERFUL - already amplified Coax RF Out up to 90 dbmV
 no need for additional external amplifier, cables, extra installation time and costs
  Antenna Input  - Mix existing channels and yours without extra costs and parts
 also cascade multiple units, easy
  MULTI-CARRIER Out - one real channel per each video for the max quality
 Also multiplex mode on single carrier
  PRO-GRADE Connectors - 24/7 Reliable !
  INTEGRATED INDUSTRIAL POWER SUPPLY - with standard AC inlet socket - 24/7 Reliable !
  ADVANCED MANAGEMENT - control everything from your PC or the local display & keyboard
  Option for IPTV STREAMING OUT - connect WI-FI and LAN to watch on computers, Tablets, etc

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