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256 IP + 4 ASI Quadruple Stat Mux Multiplexer Card <br>XP-4STATMUX-ASIP-ULTRA-BT

256 IP + 4 ASI Quadruple Stat Mux Multiplexer Card

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•Expansion interface to add 256 IP Streaming in + 4 ASI BNC i/o + 4 Stat-Mux Multiplexer to the VeCOAX ULTRA BT
•Up to 256 IP Multicast/Unicast inputs over 1 Gigabit RJ45 port with broadcast grade dejittering
•4 ASI BNC ports configurable as Input or Outputs, up to 214 Megabit/s Each
•4 independent Simultaneous Statistical Multiplexer engines with restamping, psi/psip generators. grooming
•Input also from internal bus from the other cards - 4 MPTS outputs to the internal bus + ip + Selected ASI Bnc
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Add 256x IP SPTS/MPTS inputs + 4x I/O Flex configurable ASI ports + 4 independent Stat-Mux Re-Multiplexers, PSI/PSIP Restamper-Generator, PID Grooming, Restamping, Dejittering  to VeCOAX ULTRA BT - Broadcast Processor Chassis

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