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4 Multi-Channel Full-Transponder Tuners Receiver Card <br>XP-4TUN-FTA-ULTRA-BT

4 Multi-Channel Full-Transponder Tuners Receiver Card

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•Expansion interface to add 4x Tuners to the VeCOAX ULTRA BT
•Support for SD / HD / 4K UHD Channels - Each Tuner receives all the available programs from the tuner frequency
•Complete remultiplexing of received programs from each tuner - restamping - remapping - renaming
•Ability to add to the wanted output all or only the wanted received programs - iptv out - rf remodulation out
•Available for DVBS-S2 Satellite / ATSC Air / QAM Cable / DVBT-T2 / DVBC-C2 / ISDBT - One type per card

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Multi-Tuners Receiver Card
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Add 4X Multi-Channel Full Transponder Multi-Standard 4K/HD/SD Tuners Receivers to VeCOAX ULTRA BT - Broadcast Processor Chassis

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