HDMI OVER 10-Giga IP HD & 4K Video Distribution Matrix System - Uncompressed TRANSMITTER<br>VEZARD-4K-TX
VEZARD 4K Uncompressed HDMI Video Over IP 10 Giga Video Distribution Matrix System Transmitter - pvi provideoinstruments

HDMI OVER 10-Giga IP HD & 4K Video Distribution Matrix System - Uncompressed TRANSMITTER

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•4K HDMI Over 10-Gigabit Ethernet IP Transmitter Unit to send Full Quality/zero latency Uncompressed HDMI Video over the network

•Add one VEZARD Transmitter per each source & one VEZARD Receiver per each Display over the network
-Unlimited! - Easy Expand at any Time

•Control Via the included FREE Control Software for tablets or API Drivers from any automation
-Perfect Seamless switch between sources

•Create Any Size of 4K Video Walls by grouping multiple receivers in presets via the control software
-Switch between scenes & presets

•Hi-End Maximum Reliability, Dependable, Affordable, Free Unlimited Tech Support
- 5 Year warranty - The Best Quality & Price!

VEZARD 4K Distribute Uncompressed HDMI 4K Video over 10 Gigabit Networks, with absolute ZERO latency and matrix Multi-Point to Multi-Point features, controlled by the Free-Included Control software.  The VEZARD is a Full Broadcast-Grade video distribution solution, perfect solution for Hi-End Applications where absolute quality, seamless source switching between multiple transmitters, and total reliability are most wanted.  Applications includes Healthcare, Hi-End Security, Hi-End Monitoring, Broadcasting, Military, Professional Video Distribution, PRO Live Event Video Distribution, Next-Gen 4K Video Wall System.  VideoWalls Feature can be configured via control software by grouping multiple VUMATRIX Receivers as needed, so the system will automatically split any HD or 4k source over the grouped monitors.

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