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PVI-TUN4 - 4X Multi-Channel Full-Transponders Tuner Receiver Card for VeCOAX BT Chassis

PVI-TUN4 - 4X Multi-Channel Full-Transponders Tuner Receiver Card for VeCOAX BT Chassis

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This Model Key Features:

•Expansion interface to add 4x Tuners to VeCOAX BT Broadcast Transmission Rack

•Support for SD / HD / 4K UHD Channels - Each Tuner receives all the available programs from the tuner frequency

•Complete remultiplexing of received programs from each tuner - restamping - remapping - renaming

•Ability to add to the wanted output all or only the wanted received programs - iptv out - rf re-modulation out

•Available for DVBS-S2 Satellite / ATSC Air / QAM Cable / DVBT-T2 / DVBC-C2 / ISDBT - One type per card

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Application examples of How To Use This Model:

broadcast encoder headend for digital television broadcast transmission including broadcast encoder broadcast multipleser broadcast modulator broadcast decoder

BT Series Digital Broadcast Headend for RF & IP DTV Broadcasting

Provideoinstruments is leading manufacturer of next-generation Mpeg Encoding & processing headends for the digital television broadcasting including our BT Broadcast modular processor configurable as multi channel hdtv broadcast encoder multiplexer modulator streamer transcoder with unlimited configurations, hot-swappable headend cards, redundant power supply, for the best price on the market.

Our models includes HDMI SDI CVBS Broadcast video encoders, ATSC / QAM / DVBT / ISDBT / DMBT / DVBC Edge and Full Spectrum Modulators, Statistical IP and ASI re-multiplexer, CAS processors, EIT Processing, PSI PSIP, Encoding, Decoding, Transcoding, for any digital broadcast headend transmission and signal routing application, where top quality and total reliability are most wanted, within the budget.

Simple Plug 'n Play installation Anywhere!

*All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

  PVI - Broadcast Video Products PDF

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