AV Integration


19" RackBars Kit to install 10x VeCOAX BLADE / 10x Vumatrix 4K / 10x VEZARD or 16x Vumatrix 1K ( all models ) / 16x Vecaster
Blanc Panel for VeCOAX MiniBlade Rack Systems
1RU 19" Rack Mount Plate to instal from 1 to 4 VeCOAX MiniMod HD RF Modulators in any rack system
12+1 WAYS Bi-Directional input output TV Coaxial Combiner Splitter. Every port can be input output. Use to combine multiple modulator and send multiple coax to TVs. Can also daisy-chain multiple units for more ports.
5 Ports 12v 5A with safe lock connectors Professional Multi-Device Power Supply for VeCOAX Pixel, Minimod-2, Micromod, Network.

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