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The VeCODER ULTRA is the Next Genearation Family of Hi-Density HD & 4K Video Encoders delivering the ultimate performances in terms of Excellence in Video Quality, Modularity, Expandability, Flexibility, backed by the outstanding reliability of the ProVideoInstruments Products. The VeCOAX ULTRA supports up to 16 Video Encoders, ultra low latency encoding, multi-rate per each channel, scaling, multi logo generators, 1 Gigabit Unicast & Multicast built-in server, simultaneous output protocols as M3U, HLS, RTMP, HTTP, RTP, RTSP, UDP, compatible to any Smart-TV direct playback, Phone & Tablets playback, wifi distribution, lan distribution, internet video broadcasting, youtube, youtube red, live streaming applications

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provideoinstruments vecoax ultra and vecoax micromod 3 wins the best of the show prize at infocomm 2017 in orlando

AV Technology Honors 'Best of Show' Solutions at InfoComm 2017

Judged by AV pros on-site, the Best of Show Awards track the standouts from thousands of products and 950+ exhibitors. ProVideoInstruments Won Two #1 Prizes for the New VeCOAX ULTRA high density HD modulators & VeCOAX MICROMOD-3 Super Compact HDMI Modulator.

provideoinstruments vecoax ultra and vecoax micromod 3 wins the best of the show prize at infocomm 2017 in orlando

InfoComm 2017:
NEW VeCOAX MiniMod-2

Mini HDMI To TV Coax Full HD Modulator with Universal HDMI Input, Full 1080P Encoding, Dolby, Perfect for any Broadcast Quality Video Distribution Anywhere.

InfoComm 2017:
NEW VeCOAX Micromod-3

INFOCOMM 2017 " BEST OF SHOW " WINNER - Compact HDMI to Coax HDTV Modulator to convert any HDMI Video to an HDTV Channel and watch on All TV Over the existing TV Coax Cables, up to 1080p & Dolby Sound, color display to select channel name and number, as well the output standard as Air or Cable for any world-wide TV, 45 dB millivolts, agile, rack-mountable via the Blade rack kit. Plug n play, setup in 1 minute without computer, or via USB. 5 Year Warranty.

InfoComm 2017:
NEW Micromod3 BLADE

INFOCOMM 2017 " BEST OF SHOW " WINNER - Modular HDMI to Coax HDTV Modulator expandable channe by channel as needed with rack mount plug n play design, for easy maintenance on single channels, delivering full HD Broadcast quality up to 1080p 60 frames, dolby, super ultra low latency ( real time ), closed caption input, aux left/right audio input for any separated audio feed apart from the hdmi, 45 db millivolts hi-power out to drive up to 1000ft of coaxial cables without additional amplifier, color display to set channel name, number and switch between any TV Standard as atsc qam isdbt etc. Plug n play, setup in 1 minute without computer, or via USB. 5 Year Warranty.

InfoComm 2017:

The VuMATRIX 4K Pro is the ultimate Plug n Play HD & 4K HDMI over IP video distribution matrix system, with exclusive features as the included infrared remote control to change the watching channel (commands can be learned on any programmable IR Remote Control too), optical audio compatible with any Dolby & THX, HDMI2.O HDCP2.2 full 4K, Zero Frame Latency, POE, usb, 232. There is no need for any centralized controller as each module has its own internal controller, for total & maximum reliability of the entire system. Installation is Plug N Play, on any common Layer 2 Managed Switch without any need for special programming. Connect the modules, set the channel on the display, and watch. Control can also be done via the free included control software for tablets, or the open api drivers for any automation. Best Price on the market and 5 Year Warranty.

InfoComm 2017:

The VeCASTER is a HDMI to HEVC H.265 and H.264 software selectable Full HD Encoder, with super low delay ( 300 milliseconds over the internet ), and BUILT-IN RTMP/RTSP/HTTP/UDP unicast/multicast server, ideal for any Broadcast Quality Full HD Ip streaming and Direct To Internet Broadcasting. The VeCASTER supports two simultaneous encoding from the same HDMI input, compatible with any HDMI Video source, with scaling capabilities to create multi resolutions and multi bitrates and output to up to four sumultaneous unicast and multicast protocols to serve as example Internet audience, YouTube, Wowza, and intranet multicast. The built in server can serve up to 800 megabit of traffic, so making a 720p HD stream at 500 kilobits allows to serve 1600 cucurent players over the network if the bandwidth is available. The VeCASTER comes also with 3 logo generators and 2 character generators per each of the two built-in encoders engines for channel branding. 5 year Warranty and full broadcast quality.

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