Hi Density Multi Channel Encoders VeCODER ULTRA PVI ProVideoInstruments


The VeCODER ULTRA is the Next Genearation Family of Hi-Density HD & 4K Video Encoders delivering the ultimate performances in terms of Excellence in Video Quality, Modularity, Expandability, Flexibility, backed by the outstanding reliability of the ProVideoInstruments Products. The VeCOAX ULTRA supports up to 16 Video Encoders, ultra low latency encoding, multi-rate per each channel, scaling, multi logo generators, 1 Gigabit Unicast & Multicast built-in server, simultaneous output protocols as M3U, HLS, RTMP, HTTP, RTP, RTSP, UDP, compatible to any Smart-TV direct playback, Phone & Tablets playback, wifi distribution, lan distribution, internet video broadcasting, youtube, youtube red, live streaming applications

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