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4K IPTV Headend Platform System Solution for HD 4K TV distribution in hotels resorts residential commercial av over ip encoder streaming or rf coaxial modulator video distribution systems applications - Infinium by PVI ProVideoInstruments

INFINIUM 4K HD Video Distribution Chassis

INFINIUM 4K HD Video Distribution Chassis


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This Model Key Features:

⦿ HD 4K Video Distribution Solution System Chassis modular Hot-Swappable

⦿ Direct to IP Streaming Multi-Gigabit outputs with multi rate / format / protocols

⦿ 14 Free Slots to install HDMI SDI HD 4K Video Transmission Encoder Cards

⦿ 1 Special Option Slot to add 4K over RF Coax module to drive 4K Coax TVs if needed

⦿ Dual Hot-Swappable Power Supplies - ⦿ Dual Hot-Swappable Silent Fans

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Application examples of How To Use This Model:

PVI Infinium changes the game of video distribution handling native Full 4K signals distribution to any possible existing playback device over any local or internet networks supporting any modern protocol such as SRT ultra low delay or RTMP or HLS http udp onvif rtp rtsp with also multi rate or 4 different compression formats out per each input to reach anything out there.
Where needed the PVI INFINIUM can be added with the 4K COAXIAL OUTPUT module to drive an unlimited number of 4K Televisions over the existing coaxial cables without requiring to change the cable network as the signal is totally compatible, delivering full 4K TV channels over coax.

PVI INFINIUM HD 4K TV Distribution System

PVI INFINIUM Application Examples:

4K Video Distribution Solution to distribute Anything - Anywhere - Any Format

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 stream direct to multicast smart tvs over the existing 1-gigabit ethernet lan network for a perfect hd 4k ip live streaming video distribution - how to complete example

Works on Smart TVs

Add the PVI INFINIUM channels IP addresses to any Smart-TV IPTV APP and watch.

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 distribute live streaming tv channels to smart phones and tablets by using a simple video streaming player app over the wifi system example

Works on Mobile & PC

Stream over HD 4K MultiMedia Capable WiFi and watch on any video player APP.

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 distribute your video sources over coax and iptv live ip streaming using common iptv streaming set top boxes or direct to mulitcast smart tvs and video player apps - how to example

Works on IPTV boxes

Add the PVI INFINIUM channels IP addresses to any IP set-top box M3U8 playlist and watch.

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 distribute your hd 4k video to unlimited tv over the existing coaxial cables using the digital qam atsc isdbt dvbt digital channel modulator feature for a perfect full hd 4k quality video distribution over coax example setup

Works on Coaxial TVs

No need for an extra adapter, receive directly as HD 4K digital channel via the antenna cable.

PVI INFINIUM 4K Video Distribution solution Industry Recognitions:

INFINIUM is Award Winning because delivers what everybody needs

PVI INFINIUM 4k video distribution solution wins nab 2020 best of show award tvt NAB 2020 best of show TVT
PVI INFINIUM 4k video distribution solution is best of show nominee at INFOCOMM 2020 show best of show Infocomm 2020
PVI INFINIUM 4k video distribution solution wins nab 2020 best of show award svc NAB 2020 best of show TVT

PVI INFINIUM 4K Video Distribution solution installation examples:

How to do HD 4K video distribution in a new simple efficient way anywhere

/PVI INFINIUM 4K Video SRT Live Streaming Encoder makes hdmi over ip streaming with srt super low delay on any device


PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD Sources over internet via its built-in multi-gigabit unicast server also supporting the newest SRT ultra low latency protocol fast as 50 millisecond plus the internet TTL latency. The built-in newest advanced H.264 HEVC formats save up to four times the internet bandwidth to reach 400% more audience when used in direct streaming or unlimited when streaming to a video platform such as Youtube. Transmission cab be open public or secured with a string password for subscribers or accredited audience.

PVI INFINIUM HD 4K Video Encoder for IPTV Live Internet TV Broadcasting to smart tvs or mobile devices or computers

Internet TV Broadcasting

PVI INFINIUM is the perfect solution to stream to Smart TVs direct of via any digital television platform such as Youtube or AWS or similar to distribute TV channels, Info Channels, News, Corporate Channels, or any other service to an unlimited audience. Direct streaming simply requires an internet connection as the server is already built-in delivering up to 800 megabit per channel, so as example a channel encoded @ 1 megabit can be watched directly by 800 people at once without requiring any third party service. The same streams can be sent at the same time to online platforms ( youtube live or similar ) to reach millions of people LIVE, in HD and 4K, over any device.

PVI INFINIUM for online homeschooling solution delivers school teachers lessons to sudents over the internet to any device simplifying the remote education applications

OnLine HomeSchooling

PVI INFINIUM streams 4K or HD school lessons to students at their homes, direct to their computers or tablets or phones or on the home SmartTV, simply clicking an internet link which can be also password protected. Each Teacher can have its own streaming channel where students can log-in to watch the lessons live or pre-recorded on an SD Memory playing on a simple media player box connected to the INFINIUM channel. The PVI INFINIUM streams can also be integrated into specific WEB Pages of the Campus website, allowing LIVE interactions like in a real live classroom, safe, secure, all owned by the school without using third party services.

PVI INFINIUM is the Work From Home solution providing 4k conference live streaming or corporate news channels over any device

Work Form Home

PVI INFINIUM is designed with the newest SRT Super Low Delay streaming technology making it possible to create corporate Private Live Streaming channels fast as 50 milliseconds plus the internet TTL speed. Our multi-user simultaneous Streaming can be direct to internet to hundreds of devices up to the local internet connection capacity, or sent to any streaming platform for unlimited audience as needed. The PVI Infinium Streams can also be integrated to any web portal for any interactive application. The PVI INFINIUM technology opens new possibilities to interconnect people anywhere with superfast auto-error-corrected performances in a compact simple to install HD 4K Video distribution system secure and owned by the company.

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 home video distribution example

Home Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD HDMI Sources across the House over the actual TV Wires up to full 4K to all Regular 4K TVs, Luxury Homes Multi TV & Video Wall Distribution, HDMI Video Distribution To Multiple TVs, Condominiums TV Distribution, Community TV Systems, Village TV systems, Info Channels, Security & Monitoring

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 housing video distribution example

Housing Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD TV in Apartment buildings, Condominiums, Residences, Communities, Student housing, Senior housing, Military barracks, Work camps, and oil rigs

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 education video distribution example

Education Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD TV in Campuses, Schools, Arts Centers, Libraries, Museums, Digital Signage, Communication Channels, Local Emergency, Announcements, Monitoring, Broadcast Presentations & Meetings

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 corporate video distribution example

Corporate Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD Video in companies for Broadcast Presentations & Events, Corporate Digital signage, Executive Boardrooms, Training Facilities, Collaboration & Huddle rooms, Meeting presentations, local emergency, control content by zones, VideoWalls over Coax & IP

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 hospitality video distribution example

Hospitality Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD TV in Hotels and Resorts, Conference Centers, Hospitals, Info Channels, Common Areas, Lobbies, Lounges, Locker rooms, Waiting Rooms, Gyms, Executive Offices, Info Points, Luxury Suites, Film Rooms, distribution of Internet / Off-Air / satellite / cable channels

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 retail video distribution example

Retail Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD TV in Restaurants and Sports Bars, Casinos, Betting Shops, Sports Books, Sports Stadiums and Arenas, Fitness Clubs large displays & exercise equipment, Electronics Retailing, HD/4K Video Walls over coax and IP, Digital signage, Menu boards, Promotions, Advertising, Window Screens, Multiple Distributed VideoWalls, Training, Security command & control centers, Event Broadcasting, Info Channels, Distribute Video and Digital Signage, security and control applications

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 broadcast video distribution example

Broadcast Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD video for Broadcaster as Digital TV Broadcasting & Distribution platform headend, Facility Monitoring, Move HD 4K video content to suites, lobby, sales, content review, confidence monitoring, over existing coax & CATx networks, Digital Signage & Messaging, Distributed VideoWalls over Coax & IP, Multiview for offices and control rooms, Deliver content from any source to boardrooms, conference rooms, report pool & briefing areas

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 healthcare video distribution example

Healthcare Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD cable & satellite programming to waiting areas & patient rooms, Patient, Visitor and Staff Entertainment, Patient and Staff Education, rehabilitation and diagnosis information, Board rooms, training rooms, conference rooms, break areas & offices, Digital signage, Enhance Learning & Collaboration, Telemedicine, Video conferencing, CEO messages, & remote presenters any where on campus, procedures, rehabilitation and diagnosis information

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 GYM Television System video distribution on cardio and exercise equipment example

GYM Television Video Distribution

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD TV in GYMs to cardio machines screens - spinning or pool or spa or exercise rooms, training channels, info channels, event channels, music channels, distribution of Internet / Off-Air / satellite / cable channels, on regular TVs or IP devices, signals to built-in treadmills TVs with different formats and resolutions as needed, plug' n play

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 sports arena stadium digital signage hd 4k video distribution example

SPORTS Arenas & Stadiums

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD video in sports arenas or stadiums to unlimited TV, Screens, Projectors, Score Boards, over Coax and IP at the same time. Using regular 4K Screens over coax the distribution can run to unlimited TV sets at any distance. Over IP can run over common 1-Gigabit network switches and receive over IP-TVs, Android Boxes, Multicast Smart-TVs, and any other IPTV player device or App.

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 transportation digital signage hd 4k video distribution solutions example


PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD video on board of trains or transportaion systems as well on transportation platforms screens or videowalls with key information, digital signage, television, advertising, compatible with any multi-HDMI pc cards, horizontal & vertical modes. Using regular 4K Screens over coax the distribution can run to unlimited TV sets at any distance. Over IP can run over common 1-Gigabit network switches and receive over IP-TVs, Android Boxes, Multicast Smart-TVs, and any other IPTV player device or App.

FAMILYNAME1 MODELNAME1 SEODESCRIPTION1 cctv security camera video surveillance monitoring video distribution system example

Security networks Monitoring

PVI INFINIUM Distribute 4K or HD security cameras feeds, DVR, IP security systems, convert to secure coaxial and IP video feeds to drive monitors or video wall systems anywhere over coax and IP, full quality and real-time, with the ability to capture and store any channel and video footage over servers or professional disk & media recorders, also in a different place from the control room for maximum security.

PVI INFINIUM 4k video encoder rf modulator has hot-swappable encoder channels to convert 4k video over coax or ip live streaming compatible qam atsc isdbt dvbt srt iptv


PVI INFINIUM is always OnAIR on your networks

PVI INFINIUM 4K Video Distribution solution has fully redundant host swappable cards technology which makes it possible to service or expand the installed cards one by one independently without never ever turning off the whole system. With PVI INFINIUM you can always count to be ONAIR with your channels.

PVI INFINIUM 4k hdmi Encoder Cards handles the latest HDMI 2.0b 18Gbps HDR+ Dolby Vision full color depth quality for the best video quality ip live streaming to any smart tv or mobile devices

UP To HDMI 2.0b 4K@60 HDR+ Channels

PVI INFINIUM Handles the New Formats

PVI INFINIUM 4K Encoders Cards are available with HDMI 2.0b 18 gigabit per second HDR+ Dolby Vision inputs, perfectly compatible to the newest HDMI 4K video sources, to encode and deliver real full quality 4K over IP or Coaxial networks using our ultimate HEVC or H.264 compression algorithms. Our EDID control will set the video source up to HDMI 2.0b 18Gbps mode to get full color depth and maximum quality so the result on the playback TVs and devices will be Amazing. With PVI INFINIUM video quality exceeds the expecttions.

PVI INFINIUM 1080p HD HDMI Video Encoders are designed for iptv ip live streaming online or over ethernet also using the new SRT super low latency format

Still Need HD?

PVI INFINIUM Handles all HD Formats

PVI INFINIUM Video Distribution Chassis can install HD Video Encoder Cards available for both HDMI or 3G-SDI sources to encode and distribute any 480p 576p 720P 1080i 1080p or non-standard sources to h.264 or HEVC compressed streams with the ultimated HDR-optimized HD motion estimation algorithms. For NON-4K video sources the INFINIUM HD-ONLY Video Encoder Cards delivers amazing HD video quality with new lowest bitrates.

PVI INFINIUM 4K Encoders for iptv live ip streaming can input HDMI 2.0b full 4K signals 60 FPS HDR+ encoding to HEVC or H264 with direct unicast or multicast ip streaming out to smart tvs or phones or tablets or computers over internet youtube or local ethernet network switch

Multi-Gigabit Unicast Server

PVI INFINIUM can Handle Thousands of simultaneous connected users

IP Streaming to Smart TVs or Phones or Tablets or Direct to browsers HTML5 requires the UNICAST SERVER method as each playback is a unique "on-demand" connection. The PVI INFINIUM has multiple built-in gigabit-class UNICAST SERVERS, one per each channel so it can accomodate thousands of user at the same time, with no problems. Over a Local network switch, the Gigabit switch will digest and reroute the full 14 Gigabit INFINIUM capacity on demand to each user (14 INFINIUM channels installed each connected with one cable to the main layer2 or layer3 network switch). For internet direct streaming the limit is the available local internet connection bandwidth, however it is always possible to send one stream per channel to larger streaming platform such as YOUTUBE or AWS or similar, so they can repeat and deliver the live streaming to million of concurent users at the same time. For SRT capable players such as VLC Videolan based devices or our PVI VEPLAYER hardware decoder, the PVI INFINIUM comes already with the ultimate SRT super ultra low latency performance so the latency over the intenret can be 50 milliseconds plus the internet TTL.

PVI INFINIUM 4K RF Modulator encodes HDMI 2.0b from any 4K video source to 4K tv channels over coax for 4k video over coax distribution to TVs

Add 4K Over Coax

PVI INFINIUM upgrades any Existing TV Coax Distribution To 4K 60 HDR+

Where needed the PVI INFINIUM chassis can add a specific add-on 4K Modulator module to deliver the HD 4K Channels also over coax up to Full 4K @60 hdr+ to an unlimited number of 4K TVs without the need to change the actual TV Coax Cables installation including amplifiers or splitters. All stays the same, simply add the PVI INFINIUM with the 4K RF Modulator module, based on our AWARD WINNING VeCOAX Technology. With PVI INFINIUM IP Streaming & Coaxial networks, HD 4K works all at the same time, with one single modular expandable unit. No Limits.

PVI Infinium best 4K IPTV Headend system for HD 4K TV Distribution applications

_Infinium Chassis: Technical Specifications

Main Chassis

Modular Slots

Up to 14 HOT-Swappable processing modules per chassis

1 HOT-Swappable special slot to add RF Coax Modulation if needed

Modules can be installed On-Site WITHOUT Turning-Off the units / active services

System Cooling

Fresh Air intake from Front Panel Via air-blades Holes

Exaust Air from the Rear Panel via Two Redundand Fans

Feature set

completely configurable depending from the installed cards, all functions licenses are included


Dual HOT-Swappable power supply modules from front panel

Dual Hot-Swappable Ultra-Quiet Fans from Rear Panel

Power Requirements

Input Voltage

100 VAC to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Input Power

50 Watt (chassis only)
Up to 100 Watt (depending on option modules fitted)


WEB Control Mode

Secure login via web browser on any OS computer system


Generated MIB File based on installed cards


PVI INFINIUM unit size weight dimensions shipping information

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature:

-10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Storage Temperature:

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

Relative Humidity:

10% to 90% (Non-condensing)

_What's Included

Specific for this model

PVI INFINIUM 4RU Modular Chassis

14 Free Open Slots (blank panels sold separately if needed)

1 Free Special Slot on Left Side with two blank pannels installed

Two Power Supply Cords

Product Registration Card



60 Months (5 years ) Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.


Main Certifications


CE marked in accordance with EU Low Voltage and EMC Directives

EMC Compliance

EN55022, EN55024, AS/NZS3548, EN61000-3-2 and FCC CFR47 Part 15B Class A

Safety Compliance

EN60950, IE6095

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