IP to RF Modulators

ULTRA-BT Professional IP To RF Video Modulators for HDTV Broadcasting

Our Broadcast IP RF Modulators can receive up to thousands of ip streams, remultiplex them as wanted, and output up to 96 multi-channel RF Frequencies with the ability to distribute hundreds of SD HD and 4K services over Coax per each unit, the perfect solution for any DTV Broadcasting Application.

The ULTRA-BT IP to RF Modulators setup is simple, in few clicks, via web interface or snmp control, also remotely, where you can set the wanted incoming services, remuxers, and output RF on the wanted channels, with the ability to change the spectrum standard between ATSC 8VSB, QAM Cable, ISDBT, DVBT, DVBC, with full broadcast spectrum quality & levels for any headend and transmission application.  

Simple Plug 'n Play installation Anywhere!

*All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

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Broadcast Digital Television Signal Processing Platform, to install any combination of Full Broadcast Quality HD SD 4K Video Encoders, RF Modulators, Stat-Mux Multiplexers, CAS Conditional Access scramblers & descramblers, ASI Inputs/Outputs, IPTV Streaming inputs & outputs, Video Decoders, Multi Tuners, Mpeg & Dolby Transcoders, Any Routing, Any Processing. Each Chassis comes with dual redundant power supply, 512 IPTV SPTS IP Streaming out, ASI Mux out, hot-swappable slots to install any combination of modules as example up to 24 channels of hd encoders or 48 SD encoders also with logo insertion, or 192 rf Carriers Modulators capable of routing up to 3072 DTV Channels, up to 3072 ip spts streaming inputs, and more. Expand the number of channels and/or processing power at any time by simply adding more VeCOAX ULTRA units. The PVI VeCOAX ULTRA are compatible with any existing Network and Transmission System, with easy configuration via Web Interface also via pre-made presets to recall plug 'n play
limitless, Made in USA with Free Unlimited Tech Support and 5 Year Warranty.
IP to RF EDGE Modulator Card - dual 512 IP FO & SFP RJ45 inputs plus from chassis bus ( installed cards ) - 16 or 32 RF out - QAM ATSC DVBT DVBC ISDBT - on board full remultiplexer functions with pid grooming, restamping, PSIP restamping or generation, PSI restamping or generation, STT TDT injection, statig EIT injection, RF out can be adjacent and non adjacent, RF level out up to +113 dbmillivolts adjustable
$2,499.00 $2,000.00
Add 256x IP SPTS/MPTS inputs + 4x I/O Flex configurable ASI ports + 4 independent Stat-Mux Re-Multiplexers, PSI/PSIP Restamper-Generator, PID Grooming, Restamping, Dejittering to VeCOAX ULTRA BT - Broadcast Processor Chassis

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