SDI Encoders

ULTRA-BT Professional SDI Video Encoders for HDTV Broadcasting

Our Broadcast Video Encoders are SD HD 3G SDI Embedded compatible to any SDI Video source, the perfect solution for any DTV Broadcasting Application.

The ULTRA-BT Encoders setup is simple, in few clicks, through the intuitive web browser control, also remotely, where you can set the wanted audio and video format channel by channel, scalers, closed caption, stereo or multi-channel audio, Any mpeg-2 or mpeg-4 h.264 Video mode, and any mpeg1 layer2 or ac3 or aac or dolby digital pass.
Multiple outputs are available to connect anywhere as IP, Fiber, ASI I-O for any professional & broadcasting application.

Simple Plug 'n Play installation Anywhere!

*All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

  PVI - Broadcast Video Products PDF

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