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VUMATRIX 1080P-60-KIT is an HDMI over IP Extender Kit to extend any Full HD HDMI HDCP video over the existing IP network expandable as a matrix by adding transmitters and receivers at any time

VUMATRIX 1080P-60-KIT is an HDMI over IP Extender Kit to extend any Full HD HDMI HDCP video over the existing IP network expandable as a matrix by adding transmitters and receivers at any time

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•HDMI Extender Kit to extend any HDMI up to 1080P-60 at 500Ft over CAT6 or any distance over 1Gigabit Network Routers - Switches - 5G WiFi
•Expand to multi-to-multi HDMI Over IP HDBIT Matrix features by simply adding up to 99 Transmitters & unlimited Receivers over your network
•Switch each Receiver to the wanted transmitter via the receiver display an the included receiver IR Remote Control, or via API & IR Automations
•Optional IPhone / Ipad / Galaxy / Android control downloading our Free App and adding the optional VuMATRIX Smart-Controller to your IP network
•Simple to install for everyone and anywhere without requiring any manual configuration, expandable, perfect quality, real time, 5 year warranty
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The VUMATRIX 1080P-60-KIT is a Full-HD 1080p-60 HDMI Over IP Extender solution, expandable with multi-to-multi hdbit matrix functionality at any time, ideal choice to extend in real time any HDMI Video up to Full HD 4:4:4 60 HDMI HDCP over any CAT6 cable up to 500FT as well any distance over the existing IP Ethernet network sharing your Gigabit Switches, Gigabit Routers, and Hi-Speed 5G Wifi.  
Installation is simple, plug n play, for everyone, simply by connecting the Transmitter unit and the Receiver unit to your stand alone point to point CATx CABLE, or via your standard 1-Gigabit IP network switches & routers ( also multiple in cascade ), with no need for any particular switch or router, nor special configurations, coexisting with any other IP traffic without requiring a dedicated network. 
The units auto-detect the network ( with or without a dhcp router ) and perform all settings automatically without requiring any manual setting (switch & routers must be standard igmp multicast streaming video multimedia capable).  Static ip are also possible for special custom installations.
Every VuMATRIX transmitter and receiver comes with an IR Infrared Eye to extend any IR Remote control command from the TV Viewing point back to the video source at the transmitter point, to control any play/stop/change channel over the connected source in real time.
The VuMATRIX can also be expanded to HDBIT Matrix over ip system by adding up to 99 transmitters and unlimited receivers over your ip network, anywhere, at any distance, setting each transmitter id from the transmitter front panel display, then pointing to the wanted ID on each receiver via the receiver front panel or the IR remote control included with each receiver.  
API or IR commands can also be learned on any Automation system, to change the channels and control devices from any third party software or programmable IR remote controls.  
The VuMATRIX systems can also be controlled from your Iphones / Ipads / Galaxy / Android by adding the VuMATRIX Smart-Control-box accessory to your IP network then downloading our VuMATRIX Free control app from App Store and/or Google Play.  
The VUMATRIX 1080P-60-KIT is operated via the included power supplies, and can inter-operate and mix with different models of 2018 VuMATRIX up to the max resolution supported by the connected receiver/s (a 1080p only receiver cannot play 4K). 
The VUMATRIX 1080P-60-KIT sets the new standard for the HDMI over IP video distribution, with true plug 'n play simple installation for every one anywhere, perfect quality, channels expandability with matrix switch features, Smart-Phone & Tablet control, and Best Price on the Market with 5 Year Warranty.

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