HDMI TO COAX Converter

HDMI TO COAX Converter

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Key Features

•HDMI TO COAX converter to distribute HDMI Video Over the existing TV Coaxial Cables To All TVs in every room as an HDTV Channel

•No need for dedicated coaxial cables as it injects directly to the existing RG6 or similar already installed TV Coax cables

•No need for additional parts behind each TV. Works Plug n Play in minutes Anywhere, by simply rescanning the TV Channel List

•Simple Color display to set channel number and channel name, as well select the AIR mode or Cable Mode to merge with the other channels

•Simple to Install - Full Quality up to 1080p and Dolby - 5 Year Warranty - The Best solution for any Full HD video distribution

The VeCOAX MOD-2 is an HDMI TO COAX Converter which converts HDMI Over Coaxial as an HDTV Channel you can watch on an unlimited number of televisions at any distance in perfect full hd quality up to 1080P Dolby. The VeCOAX MOD-2 is the perfect solution to extend any HDMI Video Signal over RG6 or similar coaxial cables together with any other TV Programs from any antenna or cable feeds.  On the VeCOAX MOD-2 you can set the Channel Number and Channel name as you need to show on the TVs then inject the output to the existing TV Coaxial cable distribution and find it on all TVs by simply re-scanning the  channel list.  The VeCOAX MOD-2 works in real time so it is perfect for any application including entertainment, security video distribution, surveillance video systems, hospitality video system, hotel tv systems, bars television systems, schools video distribution, churches video distribution, and any other.

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